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EDGE New Era of Cancer Radiosurgery

The underlying idea of radiosurgery is a high-intensity beams of radiation are used with great precision and accuracy to destroy cancer cells within 1-5 treatment sessions as opposed to several weeks with conventional radiotherapy

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PET/CT Scan Flow Motion
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A single-photon emission computerized tomography

SPECT scan lets your doctor analyze the function of some of your internal organs. A SPECT scan is a type of nuclear imaging test, which means it uses a radioactive substance and a special camera to create 3-D pictures.

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Digital Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound

“Fast, precise, accurate and convenient”

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(Linear Accelerator: ELEKTA PRECISE) most advanced, efficient, and safe technique available

A linear accelerator (LINAC) customizes high energy x-rays to conform to a tumor’s shape and destroy cancer cells while sparing surrounding normal tissue.

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Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy

VMAT, another high-level technology available at Wattanosoth Hospital, delivers radiation while reducing unwante side effects

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Internal beam therapy

Short-distance therapy involves placing radioactive material directly inside your body or close to or directly in the tumor. The material will remain there either temporarily or permanently, depending on type of cancer. The radioactive element used is iridium 192, its features are similar to a small metal plate.

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RF Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation for cancer is a minimally invasive procedure that uses electrical energy and heat to destroy cancer cells.

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12 Points Chemotherapy at Wattanosoth Hospital
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